Mrs. Iufer

Saint Lawrence Academy


This site is the online hub for Mrs. Iufer’s flipped classes. Here you will find schedules, outlines, assignments and screencasts that are all designed to help you succeed!

What is a flipped classroom?

A traditional classroom has a lecture during class and practice problems as homework. A flipped classroom posts the lectures online as videos and does the practice and practical application during class time. The benefits include: more one-on-one time with each student, more time in class for deeper learning, discovery, exploration and inquiry, straight-forward homework assignments that typically take less than 20 minutes to complete and the ability to do your homework anywhere with Internet connection.

What is a screencast?

Screencasts are videos that capture my voice and my computer screen. I make my own screencasts and post them on my YouTube channel, Teacher’s Pet. These videos are available at all times, around the world and can be used by my students to complete their homework or by anyone else who finds them useful. They are copyright and royalty free. I may also post videos of a lab or experiment on my other YouTube channel, Mrsiufer.